As the digital age matures and our culture of social distancing becomes more real, the desire for intamacy, love and companionship will grow ever stronger. Today, that conversation starts on a digital application on your mobile phone. With as simple as 1000 GIB's of storage and an engaging user-interface, a small company managed remotely & digitally may engage over 70 million users simultaneously around the world at the touch of a button. The Dating Application Space is a road that will never end. Our products on The Apple App Store Platform offer users that experience, with a price point of $.99 - $10.99 per month. With just an average of 1 million users, we can produce revenue ranging from $900,000  to over $6 million dollars on a monthly basis. With a cost per customer of less than $.01 cents per month, being in the dating app business translates  to 'Serious Cash Flow & Potentially over a $Billion Dollars of Valuation.  Drop us a line and get the numbers and inquiry about investment. Cobo . Dating Application is an open and welcoming environment and is designed to get the conversation started for anyone who is looking for love. 

In addition, our Video Classified Application is very classy and can drive commerce worldwide with video at a price point of $1.99 per post in the United States by city and category. 

The Worldwide Exchange . Potential Shareholder Value