An Investment Opportunity of a lifetime

A word from our President on why we will become a Billion Dollar Value Company

 Dear Investor, 

My name is Steven Butler, President of a Nevada Corporation named The Worldwide Exchange. My background in from the Investment community. As a youth, I worked as a trader’s assistant at Drexel Burnham Lambert in Beverly Hills under the leadership of Michael Milken. I worked on a very exclusive trading desk, reserved for Millionaire customers. Every trader had or was given the ‘right’ to trade for their clients by ‘notification only’, ie. Discretionary accounts. I know wall street and the markets from the inside and I know how value is determined by insiders, not by some marketing degree. However, I am very well educated, I have my degree from the University of Southern California and went to one of the most exclusive college prep schools in Los Angeles, Loyola High School.

About 9 years ago I decided to leave the Investment banking business and set out on my own to do something good. I wanted to create a company that ran a business that could generate that Billion Dollar Value.

We have created a digital mobile dating app that consist of all the wonderful features that are in the most popular dating apps in the world. Currently, those apps range in value from Tinder $3- 5 Billion, Bumble $1 Billion and Match Group - $14 Billion as a publicly traded company.  Our new app will be the most popular app of all these, based on our research.

Cobo, based on the concept of ‘List a ‘bag’ and Find a ‘baggage handler’. That is our theme. User’s may pick a metaphorical ‘bag’ like ‘my bag has kids, credit cards, no time and debt, my bag is heavy’. The baggage handler response tag is ‘Heavy bags don’t scare me, I’m a big boy’. It assumes we all have our own issues when it comes to love and the solution is to find someone who likes our issues and feels comfortable with our issues.

In addition, our dating has the eHarmony component of a dating matching system. Our matching algorithm system is called ELQ. It is an Emotional Level Quantitative Analysis but done with only 4 questions. It asks how many times a week you like to have sex, if you are married or want to get married, how important is financial support and what is most important to you at this very moment, Love, Sex, or Friendship. With these four questions, the user is placed in one of 3 categories, wants to get married, wants sex, or is open to what the world is willing to present. When turned on, it will only return profiles of members who are in your category or be yet, ON YOUR PAGE.

We also have a folder that only holds profiles of people who have selected or liked your profile. That enables a user to start a flirt or conversation already being on ‘first base’! Which is the Success of Bumble dating app, who was in talks with to be bought for $1 Billion Dollars as recently as December of 2017.

Our search page has a Tinder ‘like’ swipe mode for selection and rejection and our own ‘bag’ or ‘baggage handler’ icon ‘tap’ that takes you directly to a members ‘Chat’ profile to get the process started immediately.

The only cost and purchase in our app is $.99 cents for Unlimited Chat with all members in the database for 30 days. You can chat with as many people for as long as you want for 30 days and just renew when another 30 days comes around, if you are still in the hunt.  It cost us less than $.01 cents per user to deliver this feature, based on our cloud configuration that allows us to host 126 million users for a business hosting cost of only $175 per month. (There is the PROFIT!)

Our app is colorful and beautiful and easy to use. It is in the Apple App Store as we speak and with a National Advertising Campaign, our little company could be a Billion Dollar Value in as little as One Year.

For More Details, read the Investment Opportunity Summary.​​