A word from our President on why we will become a Billion Dollar Value Company

An Investment Opportunity of a lifetime

Our Products are ready to go and in the Apple App Store.  Dating has become an addiction with some apps having more than 15 million customers and charging fees as high as $50 per month.  Our dating app is 'Free' to sign-up, 'Free ' to create a profile, 'Free' to search, and 'Free' to send that first 'Chat Message' to get the game going!  Then we only charge $.99 cents for 30 days of Unlimited, Universal Database chat for all users.  Our cost to provide that to each one our users is less than $.01 cents per member!  With that kind of profit, all we need to do is advertise and sign up users.  With our 'cloud hosting' configuration for our digital mobile app, we can host approximately 126 million users with a hosting cost of 'only' $400 per month.  Cobo - 'Carry On Baggage Only' dating, is cute, hip, funny, and has been tested in Los Angeles with single women who say they can't wait to sign up.  

As a publicly traded company, we could trade as  high as $40 per share with as little as 1 million customers. Our company would be generating approximately $990,000 per month in gross income, with a net after Apple App Store fee of 30% being close to $700,000 per month. Our hosting fee would be around $400 per month and our advertising cost could be as little as $4000.00 per month to broadcast on 10 networks city wide in Los Angeles.  With approximate 24 million outstanding shares, our company would have a $960 million dollar valuation at that trading price. 

If you think the theme 'Carry On Baggage Only' dating is cute enough to get people to sign up and chat about sex, marriage, & dating, then it is time to invest.